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Worldwide K-Beauty Platform SILICON2

Find Us Around The World

SILICON2, a platform company that connects K-Beauty to the world, leads the way.

  • 01
    SILICON2 is leading the
    expansion of K-Beauty's global market
    by securing overseas bases in various regions
    such as the US, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
  • 02
    We are currently localizing in countries including,
    but not limited to, the US, Indonesia, Malaysia,
    Netherlands, and Poland, and we plan to expand to
    seemingly impenetrable regions such as India,
    Africa, and South America in the future.
  • 03
    The operation of local subsidiaries
    and logistics centers is
    innovatively reducing the time and
    cost of overseas delivery.


SILICON2 leads the global market with its localization strategy

  • Localization of Logistics
    Logistics Localization by Location
  • Localization of Sales
    Local sites, local sales activities
  • Strengthen local capabilities
    Localize language, payments, and certifications
Localize to serve your customers better.