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Worldwide K-Beauty Platform SILICON2

No.1 Worldwide K-Beauty Platform


  • 01
    Operates StyleKorean.COM,
    a global platform
    representing K-Beauty.
  • 02
    StyleKorean.COM is available
    in 150+ countries around the world to
    serve 1+ million customers.
  • 03
    We offer translation to and from Korean,
    English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian,
    Latin American, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.

Global Presence takes a step forward in the global era with various languages from around the world
We are attracting customers from all over the world by ensuring accessibility and convenience for global customers through our own platform.

StyleKorean, the No. 1 platform for
direct international sales of K-Beauty products

  • Retail Platform
    Individual customers
    by region
  • Wholesale Platform
    Wholesale distributors
    by country
  • 최적
    Overseas Expansion Solution
    Overseas expansion optimization platform for
    small and medium-sized brands
  • 최대
    Success Reference
    250+ brands
    1 million active members
  • 최고
    Customer Satisfaction
    Localized site and real-time
    ordering and payment system
What makes our platform StyleKorean different?
  • Operating on a global platform where
    new brands can get the local exposure
    they desire
  • The largest platform
    available to experience the
    latest trends in K-Beauty
  • Highest customer
    satisfaction with secure delivery
    to 150+ countries